Mistresses ethics

The falsity exists both in real life and in the virtual. But I can get that occasional smiles and laughter.

There is a kind of ethics among Mistresses about hunt an owned submissive (or test) by another Lady. I think some of the most basic and logical and I’ve always respected.

But not all behave the same way, because although in social networks boast of it, in the shadows trying to be engaged with other parts. I can assure you that mine are much sought after and often dodge nonsense.

I am very possessive, mine is mine, but I enjoy watching the feints of some and rejects others. Let the critters frolicking, smile and see the evolution, but of course, all tired and there comes a time when I have to intervene.

You can put a smile on my face, but you know who’s you play.

A few have left terrified and others are not worth a second of my attention. But nicks and threatened to publish details of because I have never been silly and even the worst clowns deserves a mention.

Greetings, dear 馃檪

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