Doubts and insecurities

Mental Domination is my specialty, having a mind is to have it all and I don’t settle for less. But my progress is gradual and I like to check the times and pace. I can take two steps forward and one step back or forward one hundred suddenly and without notice.

This method can cause uncertainty and insecurity in my grip, but this way I get the best results when I fall on it with all my strength.

A couple of nights ago, in the middle of a session, a puppy asked me to answer a very specific question: Do I have a future with you? I just answered “yes” brief, but today I expand on a little longer.

I’m not putting necklaces aimlessly. For me a collar is not just a piece of leather with a ring and an insert with my nick, but represents a real link and not concede in vain.

Remember the title of my blog (You will suffer for me). The future is uncertain, but you belong to me. Work every day to follow at my feet, give me your effort and continues to demonstrate your surrender. There’s a long way to go and many times will not be easy, but I’m your Owner to use you when I want and the way I see fit, and to guide and support when needed.

But (and this goes for other), it’s me who has the pace and control. If you try to push or manipulate, you know the result.

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