Blogger’s adventure

Definitely, my blog has become my diary. And not just because I write every day. Here I share with you all those details of my life that only those who live FemDom and BDSM can understand.

When I started posting was a bit reluctant to give many personal details (although I keep many others, of course), but I see that you read on and you are interested in my way of being and doing things, otherwise the marker views not continue to rise.

Many do not agree with me on many other things and you read for pure gossip but, whatever the reason that you enter here, it’s nice to know that follow me.

This is post 120, more than 22,500 visits … The numbers are impressive when the blog has not yet reached four months.

At this time a lot has happened. I have taken new slaves, have strengthened ties and my relationship with others is over. I wrote angry, happy, flu, from Madrid, the mountains, Valencia … I have encouraged some, scolded others … and I see that my effort is worth (including those emails also delusional in my inbox).

The balance is positive, we will see what the future holds.

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