Been years since I went to the theater, but lately I’ve become a fan again. I went with magic to see Aphrodisiac in a coffee-theater and was very funny (both the work and my putting romps with my pet in distress).

On Saturday I went to see TOC TOC with clown, a wonderful adaptation of the French play outstandingly performed and where I could not stop laughing at the two-hour function.

Caveman is the next and will fall this week, I’m excited to see it.

Madrid offers a wide range of shows and I encourage you to enjoy, there are great people working throughout the city.

As the super sweet Dolly, a drag on the scene that takes years active in the Gula Gula and El diván de Dolly. (I remember Dolly with special affection on his show because I met someone special that now belongs to me).

No, I do not get commission for this advertising haha, but since you ask me stuff about me, here I leave this data.

Surprise your Ladies with a trip to the theater or a restaurant with show: a fun feature, a pinch of curiosity … and the chances of success,

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