Cruel controversy

Years before this blog existed, I characterized by my views and defend my convictions. Time has passed but not only have I didn’t changed my mind but, on the contrary, my way of being and thinking is more marked.

I grew up with personal experiences, good and bad, I have learned many things and I have enjoyed every step of the way. And, although I have many things to live for some time I decided to be clear, direct and sincere both with myself and with others.

My honesty has always been frowned upon in certain circles (Financial Mistress declared without subterfuge appears to be an unforgivable crime). Sure they may not bother to find out what that means and I will not explain who judge me without knowing me. And, I must say, not only judge me, envy me too 馃檪

What I have with mine is my sole responsibility and wish to remain so.

Nor me lose sleep accept me or not, I do not need to belong to any cliques in which as one member turns around they put green among others.

And I know that my words will continue to create controversy, but not force anyone to read me or hear me. Carpe diem, Ladies and gentlemen, I do dare to say what I think, to be what I am now come forward.

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