Consensual blackmail

You often ask about blackmail and there is already a post about it in the Spanish blog (29 October 2012). That is condensed into a few paragraphs and yes, it is one of the practices that I enjoy, in fact, I have a puppy in those terms from a few months ago.

But for me the blackmail is not just a game, I take it very seriously .. I demand contract with clear terms both as to its duration (previously agreed) and the limits to which both we will stick.

There are several types of contracts, the most widespread and comprehensive, where the slave becomes controlled and monitored, even at a distance, through various devices and techniques and programs that I can get into his PC to block, change and want to know what he does and where exactly is my toy.

The micromanagement is total control over the dog, takes a lot of effort on my part to make sure that the information I’m getting is true, control every moment of the day and become present in his life so he can not take a step without feeling my presence. As a result, potential surprises and unexpected demands contribute to the slave will become aware of who should be no escape.

Not everyone is ready for such involvement, not everyone understands the magnitude of this practice. The secret of winning a case in order to get in the right hands, learn to obey to avoid undesirable risks and enjoy all that adrenaline with the Mistress play whenever she feel like.

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  1. Interesting to say the least:)/

    Wishing you the best of health n happiness


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