There are submissives attracted to me and fantasize with belong to me. I read, they sense that I know more than they do. Some dare to write confessing his attraction but clarifying that the financial slavery is not their thing. And I read and smile.

Four months ago I wrote a post titled “At My feet”. Is there some important phrases: What makes a dog slave happy? Well the answer is simple: make her Mistress happy and get to put a smile of satisfaction on her face as often as possible. My wishes and your needs are the perfect combination. I know how you feel, are you scared yet excites you to be under my control.

You would like I control your greed rationally, I make you feel what you really are, make you feel my strength and cruelty without irreversible damage, live under my protection, grow with my direction…

But yes, in return for your pretty face and maintaining margin plots as personal as cash, because that has nothing to do with what you want to give me, right? (I wonder if private education is now free anywhere in the world).

I respect these “surrender” with a bit of lashing and sex, but that’s not what I want. When I accept a submissive is on my terms and my standards (and still fulfilling all of that, refusal to anyone who does not make me feel, those who believe “in exchange for” I do not care, just like I do not care who comes to offer whatever “in exchange for”.

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