Among the many emails I receive, yesterday there was one that particularly caught my attention. It was from a Mistress I have not met yet but with whom I’ll be happy to meet and share a few laughs.

The note was brief, a few sentences that made ​​me smile: Dear, aloft your ovaries!! Finally someone who speaks clearly of all, point-blank. When you do want a coffee, a meal, a dinner? My phone is …………Call me!
And I will call her, of course, this coming week I will have the pleasure and honor to meet this nice Lady.

Yes, yes, there was also a very different kind emails and tone (these never fail), and you can imagine that these call me anything but pretty, but I always stay with the best and those I’m not interested are erased with a click, that’s no big deal.

The volume of my inbox is in direct proportion to the level of controversy that believes and the article published yesterday and was controversial lyrics.

I do not need anyone’s acceptance, I present my vision and my convictions and that does not mean everyone has to agree with me. What I do not understand is they need to resort to insults to give their opinion, but hey, we have to have everything, so is the human race … varied 😉

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