My puppies

The weekend has been bumpy. On Saturday walked downtown and dinner with my clown and Sunday shopping and homemade dinner with my magic. I had to cancel out on Friday with my sierva, but make her up because she deserves for her endless patience and for never complain about anything, she is a good slave and always has a smile for me under any circumstances.

My relationship with clown is peculiar, awakens in me things as disparate as tenderness and sadism. Sometimes I Shagged and other would kill him, but it is a wonderful human being who is always and will be no matter what happens, is my St. Bernard, big, faithful and always there to take care of me.

With magic I feel comfortable, it’s like a teddy (great teddy, rather diminutives are not well suited to describe him) with a pattern of complicity and equally morbid. He cares me, pampers me, serve me and worship me as only he can. There are many ongoing projects and overcoming obstacles go step by step.

My larva has been a bit neglected, but will soon be required because I never forget mine.

And I reserve the comments of the others, there are things that even my blog / diary I will not trust. Summarize by saying that I am proud of each and every one and I feel lucky to have them. (Quiet, silly remark attacks miss me soon: D).

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