Changing email

Yesterday I warned with a brief note of my email change. It is the second time my accounts are blocked for no reason, and as Microsoft’s support gives me no solutions, I’ll try another company. My new email is:

I don’t know what the problem is but I do not worry too much. I had to change the settings of my accounts, profiles, website, blog and other trifles for the second time and third don’t think I’m excited, so I’ll see if this change works as it should.

I received your note of support and thank each of them, you are fantastic. You still there on the other side of the screen, where I suspect you and I love guess you (and confirm that I’m not mistaken).

The new management has no msn, only supports email, so will avoid decline massive invitations. Every cloud has a silver lining, right? My msn is earned, so do not bother trying to see if school because they no longer sneak before 馃檪

Anyway, this is like everything, do not want that e-submission and obedience? Fine, which will be for new mail, lol.

A brief anecdote. Life is waiting for me out there and it’s time to go out and enjoy it: D

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