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The center of Madrid is becoming more varied and fun, mimes and living statues are very original, street performances of all kinds, great musicians and even a great percussionist with an incredible pace that created his own instruments based paint cans, pans and unexpected things (is great and witty, always look for when I’m in the area), hundreds of leisure, magnificent places to visit…

Each city has its charm. Could describe how wonderful is London (lost by the Camden Town market on Sunday morning stroll through Trafalgar Square, the Serpentine, browse in Harrods…), Amsterdam (with its beautiful canals, the city’s bustling red, houses like fairy tale seems that anytime a gnome will mock, Hell’s Angels with their fantastic Harley Davidson parked at the door of the pub…) or any other city, town, site of the world.

I could go on how much I like the three places I cited, but a brief outline is enough to say that at each site there is plenty to live. What do you think of FemDom and BDSM? Certainly, no such environment everywhere, many live in remote areas where it is not possible to find too many people related or personal circumstances you live freely is very difficult.

But today all have internet, so in the ocean of droplet leave my network so anyone can access my blog and read my small contribution. There are many others and some really interesting, so mind that no one is alone.

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