There are several phrases that when I employ them usually cause some confusion. Do not use it often, but the other day in a cafe with a friend and one of my slaves, dedicated it to him in a serious tone and sharp.

My friend was thoughtful and suddenly burst out laughing and he changed his countenance. I mean, I got the results I wanted and I could continue talking to her about our stuff while the dog was chewing my warning.

I hate to give the show in public, is rarely raise my hand to slap someone, I prefer using the language and tone is unmistakable, so I get what I want without attracting attention around.

The puppy had just put sugar in my coffee and stir and joked with me not realizing that he was a simple companion to our meeting, we had things to talk about and the conversation was over me at that moment. After several responses monosyllables based dry was not realizing his mistake, so I looked into his eyes taking his chin and said: do not interrupt me while I’m ignoring you.

It was enough to make everything back to normal, and we shut him talking quietly. I had to let go a slap or raise his voice, as eight words reminded place.

And he’s a good dog, but sometimes I have to yank the leash to make him remember his place.

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