My life is full of surprises, incentives, projects … I have an inquiring mind and select the options that are in my way, but always going a step further, looking from different perspectives and analyze the chances that whatever catches my attention evolves as I want it to. And I speak not only of slaves.

I think the secret of happiness is not content with what life has to offer, but in having an open mind, parking possible prejudices and conventions, being honest with myself and with others and enjoying every moment.

As good predator, not resign myself to wait for the pieces to fall into my clutches, but scanned the horizon and I choose the one I want to snack at all times. Now, if what I caught part bores me and doesn’t motivates me, I lose interest and I will go out with a new toy that fun.

Pushy?? I would say sincerely. No need to shout to get what I want or deceive unwary, I manipulate those who wish to be manipulated and reserve my arts for those who really deserve my effort.

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