More attacks

I think I’m one of the most criticized women in the BDSM subculture. On one side are those who do not support the way I live my life and another for their envy my ability to do so. And that I show my face makes them bad, it seems to be Finantial Mistress I have to be hiding and operating from the shadows, lika a crafty outlawed hunting those poor desperate or something.

None of my properties has come to me with any kind of despair, indeed quite the contrary nobody has come quite disenchanted with all their previous experiences with suspicion derived from them, but has stayed with me, at my feet . I said that for nothing…

I do not intend to make comparisons, each lives his life as he wants (or can be), but I’m very proud of mine. Not only did I hide but I think that I have nothing to do that.

I have been called everything (coincidentally always anonymously, never in front). Many resort to insults when they realize that I have plenty of arguments to rebut whatever with what disagrees, because of course, what would I know if I’m just Financial Mistress? lol

Here I give my regards to everyone, including the brave anonymous savoring amuse both bile (beyond each with their paraphilias) 馃槈

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