When a relationship breaks there is always collateral damage. No matter what kind of relationship is or was, vanilla or D / s, a radical rupture means changes and somewhat traumatic for at least one party.

In my opinion and, as hard as it sounds, sometimes it’s better to cut their losses before everything is gangrene and even pretending to do the least damage in the abandoned inevitable that sits locked until reality takes.

Some hide behind a feeling of dependence on another person and stay there, paralyzed, not knowing reacting to continue with life and others do not want to give up these comfortable routines in which they were installed.

But life means constant change and you can not keep what do not want to be held.

I will not give names, but I am considering renewing my wardrobe (and not talking about clothes). When something does not work, or repaired, or replaced by something new, right?

I know this article will cause a stir in my stable but, as I say, so far only round is something I still have to ripen. Do not make decisions without ponder and less when they affect someone else, but once taken no return.

And, planted the seed that can cause some anxiety attack, I conclude today’s post 馃槈

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