Those who read me every day will have deduced from my previous posts I go through a “period of change”. Evolve is precisely that, to change what we do not like and keep what we pleased.

Although the changes are not new to me, in recent months things are going to a frenzied pace and, being such a perfectionist that I am, I become increasingly demanding both with myself and with others. So, although I have a lot of patience and give opportunities to correct behavior and indecision, just to establish increasingly stringent scales.

Am I becoming a tyrant and severe witch? Maybe, but I think that is not a novelty lol. Furthermore, when everything is just as I desire, satisfaction is sublime.

My life is mine and I who set the rules. If you do not like my rules or you are not able to fulfill them, there are many other Ladies perhaps more compatible or flexible you can contact with.

There is a world of options out there and I choose mine.

What does the future hold? We’ll know when it arrives.

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