Give me your mind

Those who know me know that I am very playful with my slaves. I love toys, both humans and torture. In my collection there is a bit of everything and I get very excited when someone gives me something new, whether a new whip, a different flogger, sharp spurs or even impossible high heels, to give some examples.

But not only enjoy physical torture as embarrass a puppy and see his face of circumstances under psychological pressure of watching his reactions is something that I can not even want to avoid. Pass to my bitch of laughter to anxiety, denial to tease, to the discomfort of being … play with his brain as well as his body, fuck his mind and use it at will … or just ignore him until he understands and assumes any mistakes and even humiliate him for pleasure.

I have my own methods of training and, just as each slave brings me different things, with each development of the relationship is different.

There are so many things that amuse me … Why leave something that belongs to me?

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