Fantasy of slavery

Fantasizing is very healthy. We all have fantasies, some we do it and others will remain on the shelf for good. Of which we really are not that ultimately what we expected and may even dislike and then there are those that not only please us, but our mind works and expands on them, refining them, making changes already accomplished and creating a new fantasy.

But we must live in reality. I find quite submissive, in their eagerness to belong, behave as if their life were a fact, dream and talk about their plans as if they were living their fantasies real.

A little calm, dogs, sometimes reality is not as idyllic as you think. Slavery is desired for most submissive, but the road is not easy and if your expectations are not those of Mistress, there will be nothing to do, don’t you think so?

Your happiness is to serve a special woman, with her strengths and weaknesses, with her whims and her perversions? It’s easy to nod now, but the road is filled with obstacles. You have desires and dreams and is a good start, but is not you who will write the script of your slavery.

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