Today is mine

Today I do not want to see anyone, go out alone, I’ll buy some quirk and maybe encourage me to make me something in a beauty center.

No, I’m not angry with anyone, is that occasionally need to be alone with myself, get lost in the crowd of the city and get away from everything and everyone to return a little prettier, a little more relaxed and a lot more eager to regain control.

It’s good to be given a day off and do all those things we always leave for another time. Or just wander around aimlessly, enjoying the environment. For me it is a kind of therapy, I always come back exhausted, broken foot, perhaps with an item I don’t need, but with a big smile on my face and having satisfied myself busy.

So you know, if I do not answer emails, calls, whattsapps and other, is because I’m too busy living my day off.

Tomorrow is another day, today is mine;)

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