Surprising Contest

It seems the Humiliation Contest’ve launched has been a blast. In all aspects.

I have received all kinds of responses, some in the form of photos directly and even congratulating the initiative, other … in short, no catches me by surprise because I’m used to braying several’ll not give more importance than it has, this brief mention suffice noting that I do not go on pages I don’t like, I assure you that those of Catholicism, for example, do not know how they are 馃槈

Thanks for your participation (‘ll select the best), the response has been brutal. It is a pleasure to feel you, send photographs or not.

I have received emails from all around the world and encourage you to continue sending your creations, there are really good and I’ll be posting them with your own comments.

I remind you that the contest will continue until April 30th, plenty of time to display your creativity and share with the outcome.

I love humiliation and, apparently, I’m not the only one : D

Postscript: Had no time to translate the pic of the post, but it’s obvious the translation is: Humble yourself!… you dare?

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