I resent having to repeat things that are supposed to already more than spoken, corrected, chewed and digested.

I speak often give orders as suggestions or soft words. No need to speak out and put furious face to make them understand, I believe that it is they who have to be attentive to me and not vice versa.

If I’m with one in an adjustment period, I have more patience and give opportunities to get to know me and laughing and games, you do realize that yes, everything fun, but my word, still laughing, is law.

I leave and I spend time observing reactions, pushing when necessary but correcting conduct and behavior as by chance, without melodrama or fuss. When I see the relationship progresses and I am really interested in the little dog that I’m educating, it’s time to demand that certain details are exactly as I desire.

I have no hurry, let them know and discover me. I’m putting tests on the road and, after verifying that the surrender is real, the training continues with the seriousness it deserves, though, without the smile leave my face.

But they have to keep in mind the first sentence of this post, because that’s where my smile can fades and corrective becomes punishments.

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