Virtual Soap Operas

I think I managed to beat my own record of being objective reviews and defamation, lol.

It’s a shame to have to redo the same, but these days I posted publications on social networks to spread the fun contest of humiliation and seems not only very envious but also a poison and a surprising bitterness.

I do not think humiliation is a topic so outrageous and far less in FemDom and BDSM, in fact is one of the most common practices. But of course, it is I who have taken the initiative and this is something that exceeds them (in fact, they overcome many things, most of which can be seen with the naked eye, these are not few) and do not assimilate. And how do they respond to it? The only way they know, barking insults and inventing anything they think might bother me.

But the day is too beautiful to waste with trifles, so I’ll pretty and go out to enjoy it, which I do I have a life to live.

Long live my enemies to enjoy my successes! : D

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