Plaintive submissives

In adversity is when we give the best of ourselves, not to lose the illusions nor the will to fight for what we want. And look, I pluralized, myself included.

I am a dynamic woman with many interests and I require the same effort to others I demand myself. Not in the same things, of course, but I think control and discipline begin at home.

True, slaves pamper me and serve me, however, while they do, I devote myself to other pursuits. Whenever I have things to do and fight for what I want. I’m not one to be left in a corner bemoaning her fate.

There are many options and possibilities in life, why let them escape without lifting a finger? And if something goes wrong, why settle and not fight with others that we meet?

Come on, you have no soul! Stop whining complaining because you do not find Owner, because we exist, what happens is that we will not go to your house to pick you settling ourselves at your convenience, you are who have to prove and seduce us 馃槈

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