Mini vacation

I’m a few days taking advantage of these holidays, but that does not mean I will leave the blog behind. Today there is wifi everywhere and USB modems, so I will connect from time to time to update things (blog included).

This time I’m not going very far, but I’ll be well looked after and serviced and I want to break the routine even if only three days.

I guess that pretty much everyone is on vacation this week and Madrid, for example, is pretty empty, except for tourists and not caught off days.

I’ll have time to stroll, new photos, submit the slave who accompanied me, seeing those movies that are pending and enjoy wonderful massages (among other things);)

I wish you a happy week everyone and please, those who link my blog with yours, let me know to thank you and correspond your detail, I think is a great initiative for all we know, the end of the day this is a great little family 馃檪

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