There are a couple of mosquitoes that are around me and I will answer them for their peace of mind, as mine is intact.

I am accused of dispensing with my submissives consensus (among other things) and all without bothering to know me or read my posts, it is very easy to take things out of context to mount a maddening circus out there.
Let’s see, do you really think that a submissive to issue before I submit no more? has no option to leave whenever he wants if he is unhappy with my demands?A little head, gentlemen!

A submissive has rights and, even if that happens to be my submissive become my slave over time, continues to have a right, to leave if it so chooses.That slavery FemDom BDSM is not that of Kunta Kinte, man! It is sad to have to clarify things so basic, but it seems that it is still necessary.

There are premises beyond Sane, Safe and Consensual . A bit of culture that would suit both boast of being experts in the subject. Wrote a post about all this and I will not repeat it.  Inquire about RACK and the Meta-consensus that can be reached with a slave. Be a little careful with what you divulgue, it can do much damage mistaking starting blunders (and not just theoretical, as well).

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