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I observe a significant increase in the number of daily visits to the blog and it’s nice to see that my small contribution is recognized everyday (and also criticized, which I must say).

I guess it has a lot to do to update it every day, but I also know that you like the content. Five months of life to a blog (three in the English language) are only a start, but I assure you that mine has a blistering pace for such a short space of time.

There are days when I have a thousand things to tell you and I must choose one topic and others, either because I have not woken up at all or in a timely mood, that I’m excited to share my life and do not even know what to write but just following along with a story or even with a dedication from the aforementioned lines captures quickly.

In any case, FemDom is a community that is growing every day and  those of us who really live just coming together and going into the same sites but not always have affinity with everyone.

My blog is a reflection of myself, describe situations and convictions, publish my pictures and tell you my experiences.

You read me, seek me, follow me, ask me … I leave my thanks, again, for being there.

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