My little vacation is finished and it is time to start thinking about back home.

I had a very good time, has been time to laze, to subdue my slave, to laugh, to serious talks and even to make some fun pictures, but I advance that most are too personal and I am not going to publish them.

When I get home I will return the Humiliation Contest, to see what’s new in my email, and I reinstall it in my daily routine.

The word “routine” often has negative connotations, being associated with boredom and repetition, but my routine has nothing to do with it. I live the life I’ve chosen and there is not much time for boredom, as there are always new things to do.

FemDom routines are necessary to teach the submissive how to behave, to he learns how I like to be entertained, for his surrender is increasing gradually, so he know what his obligations and do not forget what is his site and who belongs.

There are different ways of coping with life and its routines and mine are not at all boring.

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