I don’t like making decisions “in hot” because I have a lot of character and I know I can do some damage if I’m angry. Also, if I make a decision no turning back, take it to the end.

Similarly, I have enough sense to refuse to have a session if something upsets me. A session is a very serious thing to not have full control of the situation. And I include alcohol intake, thing I can do without and I’m not a habitual drinker, no drugs, of which I waive absolutely always.

If something bothers me round I prefer to let it cool down and meditate before doing things hastily. I do not speak the dinner menu, of course, but things that can mean significant and radical changes.

Of course, if once weighed and pondered the subject matter came to the conclusion that I have to cut to the chase, or when I’ll unblinking implement that decision and assume until the end.

Am I tough? Maybe, but sure of what I want too.

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