Stuff and nonsense

Amid much controversy unpunished looting the country, is unavoidable if only a brief mention of the subject. I don’t prefer a particular political tendency, I think there are burglars on all sides. Be the party that is the supposed to be taking some responsibility for the services that it is their duty to provide the population, given are the results of the various steps.

I’m not going to change my lifestyle or I will not stop being Finantial Mistress with slaves to my service, it’s a matter of adapting to the times. That my slaves can not provide me the latest creations of a particular brand? There is no trauma, my tastes are pretty specific, but whimsical, I am not a fashion victim and don’t need caviar every day.

Nor I dedicate myself to plunder my dogs to the limit, this is not to deprive them of any material good having no more, but to build a relationship Mistress/slave in which financial submission is included in my demands.

It has been said of me in a social network that I ruined slaves who have been evicted. I can not understand the magnitude of that mixture of malice, rage and envy together that lead some to lose her temper like that, although specimens and deranged people engaged in trying to discredit what they do not understand there was always, it’s enough blocking nonsense. Now, it is scientifically proven that the lack of orgasms in women produces hysteria, I say no more… : D

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