The hangover after an intense session has nothing to do with alcoholic hangover, but the after-effects of a special session may vary. Some are not affected, but there are cases where that does not occur immediately after the session itself, but even the next day and can affect the mood of the submissive or slave, especially if he is new to the practices.

It is not the same as an aftercare, which must lead to subtly slave the “back to reality” after some degree of sub-space to which he has taken and which happens at the end of the session. The spoken hangover usually occurs within a few hours and the causes may be from shame for what happened to uncertainty about what might happen next.

What I usually do in these cases is to leave room for the puppy and let him overcome his fears take and decide for himself back to me without pressures. This in the case of male slaves as submissive females need the opposite. The male still has that tendency to withdraw into his cave to spin his problem, ruminating to digest it without sharing or externalize.

This state has to overcome hangover himself and, so far, mine have always come back to me with a smile and greater provision and surrender. I said that I will be doing something good, won’t I? 馃槈

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