A peculiar meeting

Some things unnerve me and leave me exhausted, because yesterday was a vaudeville, there is no other more appropriate description.

I had coffee on a terrace of the center with a Master and his submissive and in principle all good. I was accompanied by one of my slaves who behaved as usual, ordered coffee as I like, poured the sugar, stirred it and waited I tasted it to see if it was to my taste before ordering his pending throughout time of my needs, looking in my bag my snuff, waiting for a gesture of me wanted to let him know if I need anything … Normal in his relationship with me, care for his Mistress and naturally all the time.

But the couple gave us some surprises. I respect all kinds of relationships, each carries each own way, but … That a submissive interrupt her Master denying a drink he just ask the waiter, standing like an animal in public and threatening him with a phrase as surprising as “if you drink alcohol today you’ll not fuck, you’ll see” and have him sad face and change his decision by an infusion to such a threat?

I wonder who dominates whom in that relationship.

And the thing was not there. During the subsequent conversation was a time when the “Master” of the table rose hastily to hide inside the coffee shop and return to the time when he told us that “thank goodness, is that I thought I saw my mother “.

Today I’m meeting another Dominant and go with another of my slaves. I hope the game more enjoyable, not all are like that, believe me, lol.

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