Chance events?

One of the girls in the beauty salon I usually go to, has me somewhat confused. It is a nice and beautiful Asian that does not go unnoticed.

I see her evolve with other clients and, either by culture or personality, is very helpful to everyone. But until my female slave realizes that there are nuances and details that she has with me and not the other regulars to the business.

It amuses me to notice a flash of jealousy in the eyes of my little bitch, ’cause she is the only female slave on my stable, but every day it becomes more apparent why.

The beautician always try to assist me personally if she’s not already busy when I arrive and even if it is the case, she is awaiting my comfort still looking at me sideways, charging me much less than that contained in the local pricing when I will, among other significant details.

I observe her when other clients leave helping them put on a coat and firing them with a smile, but my surprise was a day when she not only just put on my coat, but knelt on the floor with her head down buttoning with a unmistakable posture, which never have seen her do it with anyone.

Do you think, as my slave, I should give her the link of this blog? lol.

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