A bit of everything

Every day I tell a little more about me and the blog regulars know me pretty well. Although I keep a lot of things, that a Lady never tells all. There are many things that are too personal and that discretion, I keep it to myself.

I like you to participate in the blog, even though there are many comments that I delete because I do not tolerate insults and disrespect.

Although to those who belong to me and those who admire me I can be their Goddess, I live reality and consider myself a normal woman, with strengths and weaknesses, like everyone else, even though in my environment I am the director and controller of several lives .

Live integrated into the world, not in a separate world and society in general is far from understood my lifestyle, so discretion is important because I don’t like to give the show or let anyone who has not been invited to get into my privacy.

Not that I hide at all, indeed, enjoy the small fee of secrecy that has a high morbidity rate added to those who shared experiences FemDom and BDSM on a daily basis.

But that’s how I am, a woman desired and hated (omit the percentages, lol), the CruelDama you read and see in the pictures that I have uploaded.

And, by the way, I remember you the Humiliation contest continues, and you can see several participants, but I would love to all who are hesitant would send me your pics. The more participation, the more fun it will be 馃槈

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