Reflective sunday

Today I am in a cloud, yesterday was a busy day and there are things I have to meditate. Strong emotions, mixed feelings, dizzying pace of events and although I did not sleep late, today landed to restore order in a calm.

It is a day to update things a bit laze by granting a bite of that apathy would never allow to be installed on my life and think calmly. Describe the typical Sunday of any mortal, right?

However my day of reflection does not mean that set aside for monitoring and lie on the couch and forget everybody. In contrast, the control never entirely disappears, technology is my great ally and I use it at my convenience.

But yes, my couch also misses me and it’ll accommodate me while watching a movie with my faithful female servant massaging my feet, preparing some sweet or hugging her as a pillow.

Are you jealous, wicked vicious? Well, imagine that the imagination is free and available to everyone.

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