As you know, I publish this blog in Spanish (you can see the banner in the left column) and, although my English is not perfect because my native language is Spanish, I am pleased to see that every day there is more movement here.

I have lived in different countries in Europe and find noticeable differences in the form of live FemDom. I don’t mean to disparage anyone, do not get me wrong, but in Spain there are still substantial prejudice when actually lead to something that for me is the most natural thing in the world: being myself.

And if we talk about specific practices, I could mention the blackmail, for example (fairly spread throughout the world), this is still an unmentionable taboo for most. And not only is not known, but it is associated with crime, when consensus is the first step of the practice.

I put that example because it is one of the most shocked, but there are many others. Although I must also add that things are changing and gradually become integrated routines that until recently were unthinkable. Today there are great FemDoms and wonderful submissive and slaves everywhere.

I bring my small contribution to the dissemination of our little big world, FemDom, and noted that the community is growing significantly in recent years. Changes in society are also perceptible, world evolves how could it be otherwise.

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  1. Thanks for beeing here with your blog. It’s a real enrichment in the world of femdom-related blogs.
    I likeit to have a look here from time to time.


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