24/7 relationships

I live 24/7 with my slave and, before accepting her, lived five years with another male slave. Before the latter had others and already would cost me live differently. Even if I go a few days away, I take some of mine, either three days or twenty.

When a relationship is consolidated, regardless of the type of relationship that is, try to spend as much time together as possible.

I am happy with my stable, I have what I want, but there is always one with privilege to serve me at home living with me. Did I say “privilege”? Perhaps it is more accurate to describe it as “torture”, because my character is hard and there are times when I turn them crazy, lol.

Some people do not believe in a 24/7, considered impossible, but I do not agree, in fact I live it for years. And I’m not alone, I know different forms of 24/7, from the impersonal to the more emotional, but I think that in this kind of relationship so intense and narrow there are always mutual affection (I could not live with someone who I don’t appreciate, for more impositions, demands, penalties and remedies imposed daily).

The 24/7 slave enjoys continued contact with his Mistress and bend over backwards to get everything to her liking. The Mistress enjoys the comfort of domestic service as desired, with the addition that the server can be molded at will, with countless details that add sauce to the life of both, the availability of full-time servant for what she wants .

And if the Mistress is so playful and unpredictable like me, there will be no time to get bored, I assure you 馃榾

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