Doubts and certainties

Someone who I think is nice and correct asked me yesterday if I never doubted my convictions. My answer was that I can doubt of a submissive who still do not know well, but not of my convictions.

I can have doubts about a difficult decision to make when it’s something important, but I have no prejudices, I am very passionate about my stuff and fully involved in what took place.

I’ve spent years in FemDom (will not say how many, that I have my feminine coquetry and age is only something temporary), advancing every day, learning from my mistakes (and they exist) and responsable of those who belong to me.

My way of doing and being is what it is and not force anyone to share it. Respect others think the way they do and even integrated in society as I am, I meet and even I interact daily with people diametrically opposed to me.

In the world there is room for everyone, even me, a convinced FemDom. And though not everything is always as idyllic and wonderful as I want because there is always ups and downs, plus to get to the moment I live now is the result of a number of years of experience, is the life I chose to live, the one I enjoy and makes me happy.

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