A memorable night

Last night I attended a very interesting and fun party, of those who for years could not find. Luxurious, selective, private, fetish, and FemDom up gynarchyc.

Yes, yes, I know that the word ‘gynarchy’ is an unforgivable taboo to some, but I’m not ashamed of it, on the contrary, is a great word 馃榾

It tends to confuse gynarchy with misandry and is not the same. I would never do advocacy of extermination or limitation of the male population, because … What would we Mistresses do without male servants? lol.

This funny comments is dedicated to a relentless admirer who sends me messages often with a large vocabulary in regard to insults and threats, which otherwise is not far left. (Come on, little one, begin to bray, I hear you wheezing from here).

The perfect party, the beautiful and charming hostess, to whom I reiterate my congratulations to both, the event and the training of slaves who served us (I know she reads me).

I will not give names or details because discretion and respect for the privacy of others are essential premises.

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