CruelDama lyrics

For one side my blog is pleasant to those who discover it and are related to the way I live, on the other means to spread my lifestyle and there is another side, that of those who turn green with rage but anyway not stop reading me, it’s all in the vineyard of the Lady 馃檪

What began a few months ago as a distraction, which at the time I provided casual, has become an online publication with faithful followers of my letters.

It is important to me because it means many things to share with you all, a little every day, capturing bits of me while I acknowledge that we may live and be what we are.

At this time I have met wonderful and magnificent Ladies, slaves with intense needs of servitude, people around the world, though not in all cases there is a complete affinity, they have earned my respect for different reasons.

And the world keeps turning, life continues. One day I upload a post berating anyone, some other day I talk about a time event, explain a topic to the next and even do the occasional warning, yes, very diplomatically, that my vocabulary only rages in private 馃槈

I’m still surprised for the hit counter when I open the site. We’ll see if the interest continues now that the warm weather has arrived.

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