No frills

Let’s see, let’s see, keep calm. My post on Sunday caused a stir surprising, but not panic, that neither the advent of the devil is imminent, or eggplant will rain any minute.

So much importance you give to a comment on how well I had in a “different” party?

Clearly the gynarchy is a hot topic that arouses passions, but my comment was not a threat or the scandal of the century, you read water and you run away to for a boat!

I make you know that this one is a FemDom blog, in case anyone has not yet been realized. Blog of a Dominant Woman no qualms about expressing things as she feeling (that’s me), not a person decorating things to please you and that everything is beautiful, soft and gooey.

If what you want are texts full of kisses and cuddling, I invite you to look elsewhere, this is not the case (or will be). I consider myself a correct and polite, but I will not gild the pill to anyone.

As arrogant as it sounds, I do not need anyone’s approval to continue being myself. I Like Me, and I will not change or mask my lyrics to please people. Here I show myself as I am in reality, an assertive woman. You are not required to read me and to visit, not even in the networks to follow, at least I never do anything I do not want to do.

And now I wish you a good day, I just re-read what I’m writing and seems annoyed when it is not, lol.

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