Summer temperatures

And the good weather has arrived. We can go banishing coats, sweaters, scarves and other paraphernalia winter clothes to make way for more steamy, sexy sandals showing that perfect pedicure, changing opaque makeup by lighter compact powder and to dispense with paintings once the sun has left its healthy mark on our faces.

Each season has its advantages, although I am sorry to keep my leather coats, boots, gloves and all those things that in the summer of Spain can not be used on the street without the risk of dying suffocated.

But it’s time to start thinking about more outdoor activities, beach, mountain, terraces, walks…

Before yesterday my slave magic renewed my badminton team as I asked for him, already it’s time to shake off the rust of the winter to enjoy summer activities.

In recent years gone halftime, the period between winter and summer with mild temperatures in which the weather was good without being stifling heat. I step from closed boots to uncovered foot sandals without intermediate steps in a few days. But not a complaint, my feet are always perfectly pedicured and still stomping the climate do 馃槈

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