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I’ll tell you a secret: there is no absolute truth. How do you stay?

I make this statement to channel today’s post to all those who, in debates and forums, alter impressively when someone expresses opinions very different from theirs and not only do not support the arguments you give them, but go poisoning as they are left without words ending with resort to insult, that is their whole reason.

Sometimes it’s even fun to read the evolution of each other, even knowing the outcome, which is usually always the same. But only for a while, that I have better things to do than stay glued to the screen or try to reason with the walls.

I note that many of the people who claim to be an expert on certain topics simply repeat phrases they have read to others (others who are supposed gurus whatever), take refuge in stereotypes and parameters that are passed around to others without the outrageous initiative to rebel against things that, with a little intelligence, are more than questionable.

And of course, CruelDama is the worst, says things no one has the courage to expose …The fire with Her!

In short, my conclusion is this: human being is endearing, funny and from everything you can draw a smile. Or do you think a Mistress has to be a bitter without ever afford to show the slightest hint of emotion? I will give my answer: hahaha.

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  1. You’re right.Too few people in debate begin on the premise of listening to the discussion and discerning where the truth might be preferring to get their point in first.


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