Problems and solutions

You have to give each thing the importance it has, not to drown in a glass of water. I know that for everyone the own problems seem much worse than others, but you have to look at them from different perspectives without blinded in one direction. What today seems intractable, tomorrow is another anecdote.

You come to me with all sorts of questions, seeking my advice and support. I must say I’m flattered, but though I give my opinion, I’m not a panacea to solve everything. Look within yourself and you will find many more answers than you can believe.

My mother, wise and strong woman, educated me reminding me frequently a phrase: everything has a solution, except death.

At times the mood influences makes we save an obstacle with surprising ease or that the same problem paralyze us without allowing to visualize the solution.

The attitude at the time of dealing with things is very important. If you are listless and expect other people settle your life, problems will not disappear magically, but if your attitude is one of struggle and overcoming, will get many things easily.

We only have one life. Think if you want to enjoy or stay in a corner feeling sorry.

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