Woman, person, Mistress

You say me much besides Cruel’m lovely. Well … I think I am a nice woman and accessible, but everything in its time and with whom appropriate, right?

In the blog I use a lighter note, and although also part of me, there are other qualities that I reserve for intimacy.

Read the column on the left, where it says: The Domains of your CruelDama. I speak of my fetishes. But a person is more than the set of his fetishes, a fetishist of heels goes down the street throwing himself at the feet of every woman wearing them? a slave takes orders from anyone?

As we use a type of clothing for everything (I’m not going to the theater in a tracksuit or play badminton in corset) we behave at all times and in every situation with ease.

Nor am the Mistress of the world, only my subs and slaves, would be quite shocking I behave with other people as if they were my own.

Also I have a strong character, who know me know I’m very picky, and more than one said that my nick is really descriptive and accurate. Let’s say that a prism has more than one edge 馃槈

I think the secret to feeling good about yourself is knowing how to balance this duality that we all have and live it without fanfare or unnecessary artificial poses.

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