Who is the Nazi? Insane misogyny

There are misogynist who disguise their speeches as anti-feminism and after much research here and there, I find that what really lies behind, and a boundless anger, it is a business, pure and simple.

I do not defend the injustice committed to many men in divorce cases or false accusations of domestic violence, which also exist, but then to slander dementing spill against any woman with her own judgment and initiative to live her life as she feel like there is a world.

Mix injustices with feminism, with BDSM, with Nazism … one tremendous mental cocoa. Discuss among themselves saying that feminism is like Nazism and other out with that has its origin in Marxism and put an indescribable colophon: “Surely if the Fuhrer came across with these women know how to give a good account of them” . !!! (Who is the Nazi?).

They “forget” something on purpose, there are also Masters, including Financial Masters!  Are they also feminazis? They drop the bar, stay with what can confirm their ideology and reject what can refute it.

And here’s the shocker: they accuse the Financial Dommes of that profit which supposedly they lack when we go ahead with the truth, which can not be said of them, as lately rampant merchandising of items like stickers, shirts, sweaters and know what else (do you make a profit through your supposed misogynist ideology? or do you work for free to profit others?).

Look up the slogan: “We will stop your business, we are going to stop your feet”. You could add: “and let us start doing business.”  http://www.stopfeminazis.com/

Delirious, right? So do not miss the comments to this article, below all, they defined themselves (sorry, it’s in Spanish, but translate it, please, it’s interesting): http://www.alertadigital.com/2012/05/13/los-juguetes-sexuales-para-torturas-causan-furor-entre-las-hembristas/

Finally, I’ve shared a couple of links, but there are many others, because I think all crazy. Just point out to such a mix of nonsense that Jews were tortured and massacred by force, my slaves decide freely surrender to me, knowingly and voluntarily.

They have created a Facebook group with my nick name in the title, read the complete description of that group, is insane.

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