Sunny Monday

It seems my post yesterday raised blisters. I even received death threats. All very sensible and civilized, eh?  馃檪

CruelDama is probably one of the few women who dare to sing the truths and aerate the dirt, that’s enough of such nonsense.

Normally I don’t participate in such inanities, but when I am included in such deliriums using any word to distort it all at their convenience, I usually give my opinion and clarify concepts. Of course, with such mental diarrhea should not be easy for these people land on reality, but hey, there each with its peculiarities, that I, after define me and put things in place, I will not go into surrealistic gerrillas to entertain idle with too much free time.

It must be exhausting to stay behind the screen ruminating garbage day after day, but everyone decides how to live the life and I chose mine squeeze rounded of the adoration of mine and the pride of owning them.

My life is full of interesting people, obedient dogs and lots of happy moments to enjoy. I have a thousand things to do and, as they say, today is the first day of the rest of my life.

Makes a wonderful sunny day and not for me to just wait and see what they say about me. Happy week to everyone 馃檪

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