Playful sissies

I love sissies. They are wonderful dolls, sweet and solicitous, with many concerns and desire to be trained and live for what they are, amazing sensitive people with so much to give of themselves.

I also like the submissive very male slaves, but why stick with one kind of dogs when I can have a bit of everything? As I always say, everyone gives me different things and I appreciate the effort and dedication of all.

A sissy is flirty and very careful about her personal appearance, enjoys lingerie, makeup, heels and anything related to the female world. Maidservants are great and provide a wide range of possibilities in a relationship.

To submit them means endless fun added for an emotional and physical sadistic, because it’s not that these sweet and prepared little sluts are so innocent, right? 馃槈

There are Mistresses that don’t enjoy feminizing their property and I respect, of course, but for me a sissy maid is someone who knows what she needs, that dares to be what she is and also feel me pleased in a different relationship with someone who lacks those prejudices that block the ability to enjoy.

I don’t practice the feminization with everyone, but sometimes one that was not posed it at first, ended up discovering a world full of fun 馃檪


  1. You could have so much fun with us sissies as we’re oh so malable, wanting to please You we’d just go along with it as you explore our inner slut for Your own satisfaction.


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