Female and male slaves

A slave asked yesterday in a social network if a Mistress is more sadistic with a male slave than with a female slave.

My answer was: “Personally I am sadistic with both sexes, but it is true that perhaps endurance, a male can awaken my instinct in a more pronounced way. But I can not generalize, since it depends on the dog (or bitch) having front, some inspire me a softer and others harder relationship.”

Another slave noted: “From my experience, I have observed that FemDoms do significant differences with male and female slaves. A male slave is treated more harshly (physically and psychologically), while the female slave is a species of its genus, the respect assistant, a docile servant, not infrequently even helps Mistress in presenting the man of the moment. Quite different is instead the case of lesbian Doms/subs, where we find the same hardness, sometimes even higher.

I don’t think it’s a matter of sexual orientation but confluence of several factors. In my career I have had really masochistic female slaves and others less so (and just as in the case of male slaves). I believe that every relationship is different from the others and I make many different kinds of relationships with each other, whether man or woman.

I’m sadistic, but I do not want to be with all the world, not with all that I am so exteriorized the same way or with the same intensity. My sadism, obviously, focuses on those that give me up power and I accept.

Maybe there is some truth to the different treatment of each other, but not always. With any male slave I don’t deploy extreme sadism. I think it depends on my desires and the subject in question.

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