Let’s be consistent

There are all sorts of Dommes and Femdom, so as you can imagine. More extreme or soft, cold or warm, intransigent or flexible, high or low, white, black, Asian, blondes, brunettes, redheads each with our preferences and standards.

Some time ago I decided to use my slaves the way I please: physical, psychological or economic. If to give cash or whim to your Mistress is something that is beyond you, there are other Dommes with which you can reach an understanding.

I do not chase anyone nor want at my feet anyone who does not want to be there, but if you really want, it will be by my rules (if I agree), and if you’re not interested I think it’s great, but do not insist on something you know I will not accept.

There is a strong tendency by many submissive attempting to change the Mistress. Some come in a D/s relationship with the intention (conscious or not) that things are just as they want them and through more or less obvious manipulations, trying to “manage” things to their preferences. And this does not work this way.

It is you who will have to adapt to me, who must please me. The relationship will follow the path and rate I want. And yes, there are many things to consider, such as family and work, but your relationship with me will be as I choose to be, not as you fantasize about that will.

I think I am very clear at all times, I am not the entertainment or the whim of anyone and do not accept manipulation. But maybe you became my entertainment and my whim, do you accept that direct manipulation in your life? lol

I know, I have a great nerve, but it’s part of my charm: D

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