And time goes bye

I have decided to extend the contest humiliation, all kinds of photography keep coming (though I choose and publish the best). Some that you send me are a bit blurry or repetitive on the subject chosen but thanks for your participation anyway. Don’t fail to send them because it is extended the deadline for completion to allow all those who find it can contribute with their imagination and creations. The initiative has been successful, therefore will remain in force one more month and on May 30th will choose the winner.

I’m discovering great blogs, you can find in the right column, there are some really good and I will share more slowly.

I welcome your reactions to finding details in this blog or reading certain posts since, after all, have created for all who wish to visit.

Today is six months here and in that time has been changing aesthetic, but not content. A lot has happened from October 28th and the balance is positive. Would you accompany me six more months? 馃檪

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